City Disables Comments on Social Media

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The City of Port Alberni has made the decision to disable comments on its social media platforms to maintain a respectful dialogue and to better inform residents on community matters.

“We want to create a safe space where people aren’t afraid to ask questions and join conversations,” said Chief Administrative Officer Mike Fox. “While most people online are respectful, some content clearly violates City policy. It’s important for us as administrators to ensure we strike the right balance between civic engagement and providing a safe and respectful environment for staff members and Council.”

Under the current social media policy, staff have the right to remove comments containing language that is considered harassment, bullying, racism, hate speech, or contains violent threats towards staff and Council members; however, with current staffing capacity, the City cannot adequately monitor these sites effectively to allow for proper civic engagement.  The City will continue to post information on its social media accounts to keep residents informed about events, operations, and City matters but comments will be disabled.

For those who want their voices heard, the City offers several ways to get in touch. We encourage residents to share their ideas and opinions on City policies, including attending live or online council meetings, reaching out to Mayor or Council members via email, using the website, phone, or visiting City facilities for general inquiries.

Ways to connect:

The release has been posted on the City website at the link below.

City Disables Comments on Social Media | City of Port Alberni

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