Donating to the Museum

Donating Material to the Alberni Valley Museum


COLLECTIONS MORATORIUM: Please note, the Museum is not currently accepting donations.


The Alberni Valley Museum collects artefacts and photographs relating to the history of the Alberni Valley and the Alberni-Clayoquot region, with a focus on the Alberni Valley.

Information on Photographs follows; for all other archival materials (maps, yearbooks, minutes, letters, newspapers & etc.) please contact the Alberni District Historical Society.


Donating Artefacts

When evaluating artefacts to add to the collection, the Alberni Valley Museum looks for:

Artefacts that have a strong relationship to the Alberni Valley

Something that has sat unused in a garage in the Alberni Valley for 30 years is not a strong connection; we’re looking for something that ‘has a story’.

A sample of a strong relationship is the ‘O Canada’ railing crafted by local artisan Peter Szachiv.  Born in the Ukraine, Szachiv incorporated the musical notation of ‘O Canada’ into the railing that lined the front stairs to his Port Alberni home for thirty years, out of respect and gratitude for his adopted country.

Artefacts that are in good condition

Artefacts must be in a condition that is reasonable for the Museum to store and care for them.

Artefacts that aren’t already represented in the collection

If we already have a similar item in the collection, it is unlikely that we will collect another one.

Each object is decided upon on a case by case basis, being mindful of the Museum’s mandate, as well as storage constraints.  If you would like to discuss a possible donation, please contact Kirsten Smith, Collections Curator ([email protected]).  Be prepared to forward photographs of the object, and to provide the history of the object and its strong connection to the Alberni Valley.  For a list of the kinds of questions we ask, click here.  Please DO NOT drop off objects without an appointment – staff have been instructed not to accept unexpected donations.


Donating Photographs

For the most part, local archival items are cared for by the Alberni District Historical Society.  The exception is photographs, which are collected by the Alberni Valley Museum.  The Museum collects photographs that depict the Alberni Valley and the Alberni-Clayoquot Region.

Photograph selections are decided on case by case basis, and will take into account – what the photo depicts; what information is available (date, names of people, location); whether or not we already have a similar photo in the collection; the condition of the photograph and the quality of the image.

To discuss a possible donation please contact Kirsten Smith, Collections Curator, [email protected].  Please DO NOT drop off photographs without an appointment – staff have been instructed not to accept unexpected donations.