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The Alberni Valley Museum has created some fantastic videos, showcasing museum artefacts, exhibits, historical locations, and the stories behind them. Some of the videos feature an accompanying craft to make at home!

The Quest – A virtual scavenger hunt with the Alberni Valley Museum!

Go back in time!! Bring the Alberni Valley Museum to you with our Virtual Museum tool presented to you by Chris Fenton and The Fenton Team.
You will be amazed at how easy this way of exploring the Museum can be! It is fun and exciting and you will find something new to see every time!
Simply go to https://playinpa.ca/museum-2/ where you will see the front door to the Museum. Click on the door and you will enter into the virtual world of the Alberni Valley Museum!

Scavenger Hunt list – how many artefacts can you find?








Make your own Train! Click here for template and instructions!


Make Your Own Old Fashioned Paper Dolls! Click here for history and instructions!
Paper Dolls – Wedding Dresses 1910
Paper Dolls – Wedding Dresses 1924
Paper Dolls 1960s (glue to cereal box!) and the Wedding Dresses 1960s


Flower Craft! Click here for instructions!
Coloring Page!


Make your own Cammy the Cameron Lake Monster! Click here for instructions


Click here to learn more about photo tinting!


Make your own paper! Click here for instructions!


Learn how clothes peg dolls are made! Click here for instructions!


Make your own dug-out canoe! Click here for instructions and template!


Challenge yourself with a fun Morse Code scavenger hunt! Click here for instructions!


From the Collection

The Alberni Valley Museum’s latest episode of ‘From the Collection’ features Hats from the Museum’s Textile Collection and images from the Historic Photograph Collection.  The half hour program is currently playing on Shaw TV (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun at 11am, 5pm & 11pm), or can catch it on YouTube.

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgVGOr_p1kM&list=PLdp1ptQS5I0Z9MtM8IcseYTKGQfMl4rTZ&index=2


Tsunami Exhibit

The Alberni Valley Museum’s virtual exhibit ‘The Great Tsunami of 1964’ can be found on the Virtual Museum of Canada site.

Link:  http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/sgc-cms/histoires_de_chez_nous-community_memories/pm_v2.php?lg=English&ex=00000820&fl=0&id=exhibit_home


The Way it Was

Excerpts from George McKnight’s Community Cable show ‘The Way It Was’ that aired in Port Alberni, British Columbia in the 1980s and 1990s.

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4XTpezgBYjufVktwCD5efA


Time Traveller

Gerald Labute’s Time Traveller series features the Alberni Valley Museum and the heritage of the Alberni Valley.

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL74V0-BZuSztj4ZtS2QmbG7nimiq-HTO_


Community Heritage Register

The Alberni Valley Community Heritage Register (CHR) is an official list of historic places, specific to the community, which have been identified as having heritage value or heritage character.

Link: https://playinpa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/community-heritage-register.pdf