MTB with the Alberni Trail Riding Team!

Did you know you can now borrow full face helmets for your ride?

Full face helmets are available to Alberni Trail Riding Program participants to borrow for the duration of the participants trail riding program or camp. Full-face helmets borrowed for Alberni Trail Riding Programs, are to be picked up and dropped off by the rider’s parent/guardian at Echo Centre (4255 Wallace Street, Monday to Friday 9:00am-4:00pm). Borrowed helmets must be returned to Echo Centre within 3-days of the last day of the participant’s program or camp or a $175 Administration Fee will be deducted from the rider’s parent/guardian’s credit card on account.

There is no rental fee for the use of the helmets as our goal is to provide a safer riding experience for all riders in the Alberni Trail Riding Programs. Please ensure that care and safe keeping of this helmet while it is in your possession. This includes ensuring that mud and dirt are wiped off and it is stored in a location that will allow it to fully dry.

If you have any questions regarding this helmet policy or how to properly use a full-face helmet, please contact Dave Osborne, Recreation Programmer at 250-720-2525 or [email protected].

Riders should bring:

• Backpack
• Water bottle
• Snacks
• CSA-approved helmet
• Riding gloves
• Spare tube
• Appropriate riding clothes and footwear
• Extra sweater or jacket
Bathing suit and towel for those extra hot (or rainy!) days
Staff will bring:

• First aid kit
• Tools
• Spare tube
• Emergency call-lists
• Spare food and water

Please select your week and your level for your program schedule!
Groms (Novice)Shredders (Intermediate)