4 thoughts on “Drop-In Schedules in One Spot!

  1. Is there a way to see on here when you guys cancel drop ins short notice , like at the swimming pool etc, and you can’t phone any more because the automated system you guys have gets stuck in a loop and just keeps sending you back to the main menu

    1. Hi Brad, we can certainly understand it’s disappointing to arrive and discover a session had been cancelled.

      Our online public schedule is at playinpa.ca/schedules/ and is typically the first spot that gets updated as soon as we are notified, then the notices are posted. Unfortunately sometimes the cancellation is last minute because perhaps a required staff person has called in sick. We require a minimum number of staff to run drop-in programs safely for both the public and for our staff, and if we’re short a staff person we have to make that unpopular decision to cancel a session.

      You can also like/follow us on social media as we also post notices on Facebook and on Instagram.

    1. Hi Debbie!

      Our bike camps are located in Registered Programs at playinpa.ca/programs/

      Look under Alberni Trail Riding Program for riders 6 years and up. Lots of information on our MTB Program at playinpa.ca/mtb/

      For general summer camps that include bike riding that are not part of the MTB program, look under Summer Camps > Outdoors – Child/Youth.

      Here is a visual for where the camps can be found: MTB & summer camps

      Also, our e-Leisure Guide is available on our home page at playinpa.ca/

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