Weddings and Special Events

The City has a number of rental facilities and parks available for weddings and other special occasions.


Rental Fees

Contact the Booking Clerk at Echo Centre at 250-723-2181 for an outline of fees and a quotation.
All rates are based on 2-hour, half day or full day bookings. Additional charges may be added for staffing services and facility set-up / clean-up.



Echo Centre – 4255 Wallace St.

Capacity – 200 people

Our banquet rooms are a perfect setting for your wedding reception or special occasion. Located on the corner of 10th Avenue and Wallace Street (Map) in the center of town, Echo Centre is convenient, has free parking and is a fully wheelchair accessible building. Many items and supplies are included that may save you the expense of additional rental fees. All inclusive fee. Catering services, bar services and the liquor license are the responsibility of the renter. Please call for a quotation.

Your rental of an Echo Centre banquet room will include the following:
• Round and/or rectangular tables
• White/black tablecloths / skirts
• TV/DVD and screen
• Stage
• Large full facility kitchen and small kitchen/Bar area
• Podium and microphone
• Sound system and music fee (SOCAN)
• Dishes and cutlery
• Accessible building & washrooms
• Chairs


Glenwood Centre – 4480 Vimy St.

Capacity – 700 people

Are you having a large function? Glenwood Centre (Map) is a spacious, accessible facility.
Your rental of Glenwood Centre will include the following:
• Rectangular tables
• Sound system and music fee (SOCAN)
• Stage
• Podium and microphone
• Accessible building


Echo Park Fieldhouse – 4200 Wood Ave.

Capacity – 30 people

For a smaller function, Echo Park Fieldhouse (Map) offers an intimate setting for guests. Please note: Additional charges may be added for staffing services and facility set-up / clean-up. Call for a quotation.

Your rental of Echo Park Fieldhouse will include the following:
• Fireplace
• Tables and chairs
• Sound system
• TV
• Access to concession


Weddings in the Park

Have you always dreamed of an outdoor wedding surrounded by the beauty of nature ~ your dream can come true! Our parks are a beautiful location for a wedding or special event. Local parks available for booking include: Roger Creek Park (Map), Spencer Park (Map), Harbour Quay (Map), Waterfront Park (Map) and Penny Lane (Map).


Special Occasion License

Please note that you may require a Special Occasion License for your function. (info on Special Occasion Licenses to come)

For more information, please contact
Echo Centre Front Desk
4255 Wallace St
Port Alberni BC V9Y 3Y6


Special Event Permit

If you want to serve liquor in a public place or sell liquor anywhere in Port Alberni, you will need a licence to do so. Depending on your event, you will need either a private or public Special Event Permit.

Private Functions such as a wedding or family celebration require a Private Special Event Permit which is obtained from the BC Government Liquor Store or on line.

Public Functions such as festivals or beer gardens require a Special Event Permit issued by the City of Port Alberni. Please review the information below regarding applications for these permits.

When do you need a Special Event Permit?

If you plan to serve alcohol at a community event or public celebration in the City of Port Alberni, you need to obtain a Special Event Permit from the City of Port Alberni.

Special Occasions (Public Special Events) are recognized, community or public celebrations or events, conducted by bonafide organizations or societies.    You must follow British Columbia’s liquor laws. The laws which govern commercial bar owners — such as not selling liquor to minors or to persons who are intoxicated — also apply to you.

When should I apply for my Special Event Permit?

The City considers applications for Special Event Permits in the spring of each year and is advertised in the local newspaper and on the City’s website.

Who needs to approve my Special Event Permit?

You must obtain approval for your licence from all three of the following:

  1. City Council
  2. R.C.M.P. – note: Your Special Event Permit application must be submitted with your payment (see Fees and Charges – R.C.M.P.) at least 2 weeks before your event as not all applications can be completed at the time they are brought in.  The BC Liquor Store can advise you on the allowable amounts of alcohol and selling prices permitted, prior to bringing in your application.
  3. BC Liquor Store

What do I need to submit with my application in order for it to be considered?

An application must:

  • be submitted on a prescribed application form (available at City Hall or online – (
  • include the financial statement.
  • be completed in full.

Application Form – Click Here

What should I know?

  • The function must be held by a bonafide organization or society located within the community.
  • Applicants must clearly state how the proceeds of the function will be used.  The proceeds of the event must be used for charitable or public purposes.  Any profit realized should not accrue to the organization or society itself.
  • The function must be a recognized community or public celebration or event designated and approved by the City Council, the RCMP and a BC Liquor Store.
  • Applicants are responsible for contacting the RCMP and a BC Liquor Store themselves.
  • The date applications are received will not necessarily affect the priority in granting Special Event Permit.
  • A person with a “Serving it Right” certificate must be on site at all times.  Serving it Right program information is available at BC Liquor Stores, the BC Liquor Regulation and Licensing Branch website, and on line at the Serving it Right website.

Special Event Permit Terms and Conditions –  The handbook outlines the requirements of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, Regulation and the terms and conditions that relate to special event permit holders, which includes individuals, non-profit organizations and business corporations.  It is the responsibility of the permit-tee to be aware of and to operate in compliance with these rules.