FAQ – COVID-19 Proof of Vaccine

**Updated November 19, 2021
Proof of vaccination is required for those 12 years and older accessing our dryland and ice facilities for physical activity, and for all organized groups of more than 50 people.
If you have questions not addressed in our FAQ below, please contact Echo Centre at 250-723-2181 or by email at [email protected]. Also, please visit www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/vaccine/proof
  • NEW - All spectators 12+ of children/youth programs and all ticketed and non-ticketed sports events; all youth (12-21) participating in sport, recreation, or physical activities that are primarily intended for adults; adult sport participants, coaches, officials, and adults participating in sport for children/youth; adults and youth who volunteer to lead, supervise or assist with any indoor/child/youth sport.
  • The Aquatic Centre when there is an organized gathering of 51+ people, or when using the Fitness Studio
  • Multiplex when adults or youth (ages 12+) are participating in activities that are primarily intended for adults or during any event (Bombers/Bulldogs games)
  • Aquatic Centre (anytime there is not an organized event)
  • Dryland facilities and Multiplex during youth activities (ages 0 - 21)
  • Alberni Valley Museum
  • Exercise therapy programs
  • City staff at their workplace when engaged in their work or employment-related training
*All spectators of child/youth programs and sport require proof of vaccination, regardless of the size of the program (not limited to gatherings over 50); this includes spectators of pool activities. Parents assisting their child in programs and sports require proof of vaccination; the exception is adults assisting their child in the pool.
September 13, 20211 dose
October 24, 20212 doses
You're welcome to enter our facilities when you have been vaccinated.
  • Staff will visually confirm your Vaccine Card or the app on your phone.
  • Staff will compare to one (1) government-issued photo ID (Driver's license, BC Services Card, passport, BCID)
  • ID is not required for youth ages 12 - 18. Staff will check Vaccine Card only.
  • What if the names on the Vaccine Card and the ID don't match?
    • Some people may have their legal name on their Vaccine Card and a preferred or common name on their ID. Staff may also ask for a secondary piece of ID.
Adults (22+) using their PerfectMind membership card

  • On your first visit only

  • We will ask for your consent to retain your vaccine status

  • If consent is not granted, we will check vaccine status every visit

Adults (22+) Registered Program Participants

  • On your first visit only

  • Programmer/Instructor will ask for your consent to retain your vaccine status

Adults (22+) Drop-in Program Participants
  • Every visit
  • Awaiting confirmation; for now, every visit
General Admission (washroom or registrations)
  • Every visit
Adult 22+ User Groups
  • Adult Leagues, Rental Groups, Sunshine Club
  • User groups are responsible to check and retain their participants' vaccine info for the duration of this current Provincial Health Order

  • The City will not check or track user groups' vaccines

Youth Sport Groups (ages 0 - 21)

  • This group is exempt

  • This is by order of the Public Health Officer
  • This is not a decision determined by the City of Port Alberni, staff or supervisors.
  • We are following the health orders as best we can. If the direction changes, the City will provide further information as it's received.
  • The order currently applies to participants of non-essential services.
  • The order is not applicable to workers
  • The City continues to practice hand hygiene, distancing, use of barriers, and mask wearing
The current Gatherings and Events order has indicated that swimming pools are exempt, which includes the facilities supporting the pool (change rooms, hot tubs, saunas, etc.). Though located within the same facility as the pool, Fitness Studios ARE included in the order (not exempt); as such, we check proof of vaccine for those heading to the Fitness Studio.
If you see people bypassing the checks, it could be for one of the following reasons:
  • These guests are participating in a registered program. Their vaccination information was confirmed on their first day of class.
  • They have been pre-screened.
  • These guests are participating in a youth sport group that is exempt from this provincial health order.
  • These guests are participating in a group rental which is responsible for checking its own participants’ documents.
  • The current Provincial Health Order regarding Food and Liquor Serving Premises (dated September 10, 2021) does not apply to our concessions:
    • "For certainty, this Order is not directed at a person providing or collecting take-out food [or] a person who delivers to or receives food in a place other than a restaurant."
Minimum of January 31, 2022, and the order could be extended to a later date.
Yes, masks are still required; this order has not changed.