ACRD & City COVID-19 Update – A Path to Recovery

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Port Alberni, BC – The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) and the City of Port Alberni (CPA) have developed a joint COVID-19 Path to Recovery Plan to promote physical, social and mental well-being, guide the reopening of businesses and workspaces, restart community engagement, strengthen communication, maintain the health and safety of residents and rebuild our resilient economy.

The COVID-19 response will have a long recovery and as we move through this process, we will need to be patient, understanding, flexible and adaptable to emerging direction and guidelines that will keep our community safe and healthy. The Path to Recovery Plan intends to chart a pathway for recovery while taking direction from the Provincial Health Officer.

The Plan is a working document that is responsive to developing circumstances within the region. The strategies and timelines are tied to directives of the Provincial Health Officer to allow for recovery actions that are fluid and reactive to the evolving situation while fitting within the COVID-19 response and recovery framework provided by the Province.

During this uncertain time, we are all looking for a clear direction forward. This plan has been developed to provide a framework that outlines the next steps to reengage, reopen and revitalize our community. The Alberni Valley is resilient and strong and together through cooperation, collaboration and preparation, we will prevail.

As we enter this new phase towards recovery, steps will be slow, cautious and deliberate. We will follow the guidance of the Provincial Health Officer and will alter our intended course when necessary to ensure the safety of our residents. We will continue to monitor the impacts of COVID-19 globally, nationally, provincially and locally to guide our steps along this path and adjust accordingly.

Our “new normal” will be guided by necessary precautions to keep residents safe and include provincially recommended health practices that will remain in effect for the months ahead:

  1. Stay informed, be prepared and follow public health advice
  2. Wash hands, avoid touching your face and use respiratory etiquette
  3. Stay home and away from others if you are feeling ill – with no exceptions
  4. Maintain physical distancing (no handshakes or hugs, keep your number of contacts low and keep a safe distance)
  5. Make necessary contacts safer with appropriate controls (e.g. use barriers, alter schedules & redesign spaces)
  6. Increase cleaning of frequently touched surfaces at home and work
  7. Consider using non-medical masks in situations where physical distancing can’t be maintained  (transit or shopping)
  8. Continuing to minimize non-essential personal travel

For More Information

Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District, Emergency Operations Centre

250-724-1356 / [email protected]

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